"Insider information on how to get the very best from the NHS for you and your family, don't use the NHS without this book in your pocket!" - Simon Woodroffe, founder of Yo! Sushi and original BBC2 dragon.

"The authors clearly describe both the responsibilities of healthcare professionals and the responsibilities of patients to work in partnership to get the best healthcare outcome. It's already helped me on a recent NHS visit." - Psychologist, NLP Trainer & NHS Patient

"Easily read, informative, friendly but powerful. NHS workers could learn a lot from reading it." - NHS Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

"The chapters on questioning and listening should be essential reading for all medical students and doctors." - NHS Consultant Oncologist

'"A book by people who want to make a real positive difference." NHS Patient

"Something that I can use to get better healthcare." - NHS Patient

"Essential reading if you want the best possible outcome from your NHS treatment. This book gives practical tools and information to help reduce errors or complications in your treatment." - NHS Patient

"Since reading the book I appreciate medical interactions from the patients perspective much more than I used to" - NHS Consultant Surgeon

"Just returned from holiday, which was a great opportunity to read your book. Fabulous read and certainly made me think a lot about how I should prepare for future appointments with health practitioners– but also how I hope to operate as an Osteopath. I found the chapter regarding responsibility and accountability thoroughly interesting, as it is most definitely an area that is often very grey (for obvious reasons- many of which were mentioned)! - I’ll certainly be recommending your book to family and friends." - NHS Health Professional