Educational Talks

The authors are doing a series of engaging talks around the country to public audiences to help people understand the concepts from the book and for them to develop the skills needed to get better care. The sessions will be interactive and facilitated by the authors and their colleagues who have a wealth of experience of educating audiences on personal leadership and communication skills.

 If you have access to a venue and are happy to help recruit the audience please get in touch!  We can work with audience sizes from 50-500) We will also be advertising free talks via eventbrite. Sign up to our newsletter to recieve details of upcoming talks. 

"Thanks for your talk last night, it has totally changed the way I will approach my next conversation with a healthcare worker."  Ben E.

"Bold and brilliant - I think you can make a real difference to patient care with your ideas." - Sarah W.

 "Thank you for making me think differently - I genuinely think I can have the ability to have less uncertainty in my treatment." - Amy W.