DR RAY RADFORD MB ChB MRCP FRCOphth is an NHS consultant eye surgeon specialising in restoring vision, trauma and cancer care. He teaches undergraduate medicine with a focus on patient care and safety. This book reflects some of his own experiences both as a patient and provider of NHS services. Ray offers his personal insight to help give patients the skills to make the decisions that are best for them. www.DrRay.co.uk

SCOTTY JOHNSON is the founder of 'Explore What Matters - an organisation that helps people lead more fulfilling lives. He has over twenty years􏰀 experience running leadership development programmes and events for companies, business schools and international sports teams. Inspired to co-author this book by his personal experiences using the NHS; he shares his knowledge of key communication skills that will help every patient get better care. www.ExploreWhatMatters.Com

"If this book helps even one person get better healthcare, then it was worth writing - we hope that person is you."